What is diem® travel light?

You’ve planned an exciting trip and you’re ready for your adventure? We’ve got your medication needs covered! 

diem® travel light is a travel health resource for you and your family. From medication recommendations to information available online and in pharmacies, diem® travel light is your direct flight to peace of mind.

Talk to your pharmacist about diem® travel light and travel-related medications today.

diem® travel light includes:

Speak with your pharmacist to ensure that you:

 • Have enough medication for your trip

 • Know how to adjust your prescription dosage if you are crossing time zones

 • Have a medication list ready for border crossing and customs

 • Know how to transport your medication properly

 • Identify which vaccines should be administered for your destination*

*specially-trained pharmacists can conduct pre-travel immunization assessments and administer vaccines at the pharmacy

Everything you need to know in 60 seconds

Watch this animated video to learn more about what diem® travel light can do for you within our pharmacies.

diem® travel light bag

The diem® travel light bag is filled with useful and commonly recommended products to have on hand when traveling. It comes with a FREE diem® travel light guidebook.

diem® travel light checklist

Use our diem® travel light checklist to make sure you packed everything you need for a safe and healthy trip.
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