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Do you have questions about your medications or other health concerns? 

Now, you have someone to turn to for advice: your pharmacist – your companion for better health – who’s here for you with customized solutions to help you take charge of your well-being. 


Who is diem® for?

Everyone needs easy access to advice and information from a reliable healthcare professional, whether you have a pressing question, need help with a chronic condition, or are taking care of a loved one.


Let’s get to know each other

diem® programs provide you with  convenient access to the expertise of knowledgeable pharmacists.  As your wellness companion, your pharmacist is here to help with your real-life needs.  Let’s build that relationship – come in today.


diem® is all about YOU

Simply, diem® is customized care.
Your story is unique, your needs are unique – and so is your diem® care. Participating  pharmacists will get to know you and offer you services, tools and companion products adapted to your wellness journey, so you enjoy a better outcome and a better quality of life.

Get expert advice

Your pharmacist is committed to providing you with reliable:


Therapeutic advice

Facts to help you better understand your health condition and the therapy you’ve been prescribed

Wellness advice

Advice on treating seasonal conditions (such as flu shots) and minor ailments

Active-living advice

Information about decisions like travelling, coupled with customizable tools such as our exclusive travel light bag

Prescription advice

Vital DOs and DON’Ts about your prescriptions, supported with customized tools like specialized medication packaging, if you need it

Wellness support essentials

A full array of tools, products and services  to help you along your path to wellness (like online refills and consultation  follow-ups)

Home Health Care

Support and advice, as well as smart equipment and devices designed to improve your health or ease the work of taking care of a loved one at home

Our promise to you

With all the big and little extras, our goal is to:

  • Increase your own and your loved ones’ health and well-being
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Provide added value through companion products
  • Involve you more in your personal care program
  • Allow you to make informed decisions about your health and drug therapies

Where can I go for diem®

diem® customized care programs are as close as your participating neighbourhood pharmacy.
Just walk up to the pharmacy counter and introduce yourself, for friendly service, reliable information and personalized care solutions – just the way it should be.