Three Steps for a Personalized Travel Health Kit

No two people travel the same way or have the same health needs. From the places we visit, to where we stay, or even how we get there, each journey needs different preparation. By checking these three steps you’ll make sure to have the perfect travel health kit tucked away in your checked baggage. 

1) Start with the Basics 

When building your travel health kit, start with the basics:
-Alcohol wipes

2) Add Your Medications 

Customize your personalized travel health kit by adding any specific medications you routinely take.  Make sure you have enough for the duration of your trip, and some extra in case of travel delays or extensions.  It may also be convenient and less expensive if you bring other “just-in-case” medications such as: 

-Allergy medication (anti-histamines)
-Diarrhea medication
-Pain reliever and fever reducer (acetaminophen)

3) The Special Extras

When travelling expect the unexpected! Sometimes unwanted nuisances arise: chapped lips, surprise early morning construction, or sunburns. Depending on your destination or type of trip, you might also consider including the following in your kit:
-Aloe after-sun gel 
-Insect repellant with DEET
-Sunscreen with minimum SPF 30. (For more sunscreen information, visit Having More Fun in the Sun)

To make sure that you have everything you need for your personalized travel health kit, check with your local pharmacist and refer to our Travel Health Checklist

The information in this article is presented strictly for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as medical advice. Please see your health care provider if you have any questions about your condition, medication, or treatment.