Symptoms of Depression

There are no fail-proof, scientific methods to diagnose depression. It is not an illness that you can detect with full-body scans, or with blood samples. People around you may notice changes in your personality and you may too.

Self-diagnosis is not recommended and a health care professional should always be sought out for concerns. However, there are some tell-tale signs of depression that might hint towards a much needed talk with a doctor or pharmacist. Should you have most of the symptoms below, and should you feel them every day since at least 2 weeks straight, consult your health care professional immediately, especially if they have prevented you from living your life normally.


(Lack of Sleep)
(Excessive Sleep)
 Weight Loss Weight Gain
Sluggishness & Inertia Restlessness & Agitation
 High Fluctuation of Mood  


Some symptoms may be more insidious and have a huge impact over time. Here are some examples:

Loss of Interest 
In family, friends, work
Loss of Enjoyment
In things that used to excite
Impaired Concentration & Decision Making Plaguing Feelings of
Emptiness & Apathy
Dark Mood
Negativity, Anxiety, Paranoia, Despair, Guilt
Suicidal tendencies
From thoughts about death to planning the act
Mysterious, unexplained 
Pain & Aches