Accessibility Standard for Customer service

This policy establishes that goods and services provided by McKesson Canada shall be provided to all customers including persons with disabilities and in accordance with the following key principles:

Dignity: Service is provided in a respectful manner consistent with the needs of the individual.
Independence: Services for persons with disabilities shall support their independence while respecting their right to safety and personal privacy.
Equity/Equality of Outcome: Service outcome is the same for persons with disabilities as for persons without disabilities.
Integrated: Services allow people with disabilities to fully benefit from the same services, in the same place and in the same or similar way as other customers.
In addition to the above key principles as provided for in the Customer Service Standard, McKesson Canada will be:
Sensitive: Service is provided in a manner that is respectful to an individual's needs.
Responsive:  Service is delivered in a timely manner, considering the nature of the service and the accommodation required. For example, if needed, alternate formats will be provided by a specific deadline.